This guy was nuts. He could not find his phone and then when the driver brought him back to the bar that he left it, he went into the wrong bar! Needless to say that the passenger tipped the driver very well!

Driver has a male passenger already in the car when the women gets in. I assume it is his girlfriend. after about 10 seconds in to the ride she says "You smell like Fried chicken and weed! Then the hilarity starts.

The second clip the driver informs the group of passengers that they lose an hour due to daylight savings time and the the call him a naughty name :)

Front Cam Friday! Car almost runs me off the road, more jay walkers and passing in a turn lane. Thanks for watching and please share with your friends!

In this weeks episode of dumb drivers and truck driver decides the change lanes right in front of me when I was doing 55 mph. Second video is a guy that cant seem to go at green lights!

The passenger doesn't have the correct address in and then argues and is disrespectful to the driver. During the conversation it quickly revealed that the passengers are not using their own account, rather supposed, the account of a daugther of one of the guys.

At a breaking point the driver decides that he has had enough and kicks the passengers out!

Always remember to confirm the address, and if there is an address change, the rider should change it in the app. 

Stay Safe - Make wise choises !

Jesper - a GR Rideshare Driver.

Uber driver catches on her dash cam a drunk guy walking down the middle of the street. She is concerned for him and calls 911. After about 5-7 minutes the police show up. He decides to run, but doesn't get far and is eventually arrested.Just one of the many things we see while rideshare driving.

Hi! Welcome to another addition of Front Cam Friday! This episode we have a couple of red light runners, a lady in her Lexus who thinks she doesn't have to follow the rules and a semi truck driver that didn't want to run a red light. Enjoy!

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